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Day 14 (but really 8) of 31: Stuck

Stuck. Seems to be the word of the day. Chicago is stuck on being winter (thanks snowstorm), which caused many cars to be stuck while driving to work. One of my little kindergarten loves is stuck on stories about Tigey (his stuffed animal tiger that he insists is his sibling). A fish is stuck between …


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Day 7 of 31: Make them Gold

We are made up of our mistakes We are falling but not alone We will take the best parts of ourselves And make them gold We are made of the smallest stars We are breathing and letting go We will take the best parts of ourselves And make them gold -CHVRCHES This isn’t the first …


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Day 6 of 31: A Good Day

Today was a good day. Yes, that was simple. I often think that every time I write I need to say something profound. In reality though, not every moment is profound. Not every moment is wow. Not every moment sparkles. Some days are boring. Some days are mundane. Some days are just normal (whatever that …


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Day 5 of 31: Feeling Like Me

Currently, I am reading The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines (my most favorite couple). Meg got it from her fiancé for Christmas and passed it along to me after she finished reading it. We both loved watching Fixer Upper together when we lived in our cute little coach house. What I love most about …


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Day 4 of 31: Poor Mr. Peppers!

This morning I woke up quite tight in the hips, a bit achey in the lower back, some pain in my sesamoid, and just a bit tired. Sounds like one of our favorite yoga games to play called “Poor Mr. Peppers,” which not so coincidentally was part of our sequence on Thursday. It’s a super …


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Day 3 of 31: The Queen of Dairy

It’s March in Chicago, which means it’s a cold & windy 31 degrees. Or 65 and sunny. No wait it snowed yesterday. Actually that was a thunderstorm. I’m so confused. Why do we live here again? Have you heard of a little something called “Summertime Chi?!” Ahh, yes! I can almost hear the sound of school-free children …


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Day 2 of 31: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

When I was prepping for today’s Big Buddha’s class at The Yoga Centre, I came across an article from one of our favorite sites. Elephant Journal is a guide to the mindful life discussing everything from yoga and spirituality to the arts and love. The founder and writers are “dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create …


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Day 1 of 31: 30,000 Feet

  Last night I carved out a couple hours to sit down and catch up on composing some lesson plans for Buddha Belly, as well as finish up earning some badges for the Apple Certified Teacher program for our school district. As you know, we are teachers by day and business owners by night! (The lines are …


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Think about it…there must be higher love!

Precisely one year ago today we closed our eyes, trusted our hearts, and began walking down the most magical path. Literally and figuratively. James Vincent McMarrow’s angelic version of Higher Love led us through this “Angel Walk” as we felt the support and presence of our new soul sisters, and ended with a giant squeeze from our fearless leader. With …


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Glowing with Gratitude

Here in the United States, we are winding down our Thanksgiving holiday. We say “here in the U.S.” because we are blessed to reach fellow yogis and readers across the globe. Although it’s technically only one day, an American Thanksgiving tends to spread across the week with school breaks, travel, and holiday festivities. Sometimes, November even turns into …