Centre Yourself!

Ten months ago, we were approached by the one and only Jamie Gepner of little om BIG OM regarding the wonderful world of kids yoga. Know this: 1) You’ve heard about her before. 2) This won’t be the last time we mention Jamie’s name. 3) There’s no such thing as coincidence (oh wait, we’ve also already talked about that). It’s crazy to think that since the beautiful realization that we CAN do this whole kids yoga business thing, we…created an after-school club, ran a four week summer camp, started yoga on the farm, partnered with Chicago Parent, and finished our first series class with Legacy Sports Camp. BOOM! Are you out of breath yet?! Thankfully, us yogis are pretty good at this whole breathing thing, so no that doesn’t sound exhausting at all 

In the midst of all of this, we also sought out more opportunities to educate ourselves about kids yoga. As teachers, clearly professional development is in our blood. So, when Jamie approached us about Blooma‘s BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) Teacher Training, we were IN. I mean, how can you not love that name?! The search party began for the right yoga studio to host in Chicago. We tried a few contacts and although there was interest, most studios just could not commit. All good, no need to force the wrong energy. Then, during one of our lunch breaks at summer camp, we started perusing more local trainings and stumbled across a three-hour workshop by YogaKids. Conveniently, the workshop was being held at The Yoga Centre in Oak Park, not too far from our summer camp location. Quickly, we signed up and immediately thought to connect about the Blooma training. We reached out to Diana Shea, Director of The Yoga Centre. Although there is not a set date yet, we have a strong feeling that the BYOB training will come to fruition in 2016.

Just as we were discussing the possibility of hosting the Blooma training, Diana mentioned that she was hoping to expand their kids programming and wanted to see if we would be interested. Did you hear that? A yoga studio sought US out! Hello universe making things happen. Umm…YES PLEASE! Instantly, a wave of excitement and calm came over us. That feeling in your gut when you know it’s the right fit like a brand new pair of yoga pants! We scheduled an audition where we met four of the most adorable little nuggets and pulled out all the stops. Our butterfly yoga sequence. A winner every time! In a follow-up email, Diana stated “I am very impressed with you both and look forward to building a following for you at The Yoga Centre.” What an incredible joy it is to have others believe in you the way you believe in yourself!

We are honored and grateful to be surrounded by such supportive and positive people. It is our belief that this movement of mindfulness and kids yoga, which we are blessed to be a part of, has the potential to centre a world full of chaos and uncertainty. Want to know how to do that? Centre Yourself!


Erin and Meg

BBKY_Yoga Centre