A Winning Combination

As the leaves begin to change colors, the air becomes a bit more crisp, and pumpkins begin to take over Chicago-land porches, it only seems fitting to dedicate this post to a place that truly exemplifies the magical season of Fall. Precisely 25 weeks ago, we came across an exciting Instagram post from Pick. at Garden Patch Farms sharing their new “Farm and Garden Library for Children.” As an avid reader of children’s books (yep, the school teacher in us) and fan of their field trip program, we love to follow @pickthefarm. With BBKY merely budding, this sparked the idea of doing yoga on the farm. Physical movement surrounded by nature? Families spending an hour of their weekend connecting? Picking fresh produce to create family meals and traditions? YES PLEASE! Thanks to our field trip connection, we were hopeful that Tony and Lexi would at least be open to hearing our idea. It didn’t take much to convince them of the winning combination. One trip to the farm for a business meeting, one demo class at their annual Butterfly Festival, and a whole lot of laughs later…Buddha Belly Picks the Farm was born! We love spending our Saturday mornings bringing families together through the power of yoga at the best family farm there is!

Pick. at Garden Patch Farms is more than just a farm; it is an extraordinary space that allows bustling 21st century individuals and families the opportunity to explore the art of homegrown. Their passion for teaching others how to pick fresh produce and create family traditions around healthy living is evident from the moment you pull up to the farm. Tony and Lexi’s incredible work ethic, commitment to sustainability, and kind souls make it an easy choice to support Pick. at Garden Patch Farms.

As educators, we have experienced the benefits of partnering with this family farm. For three years, the kindergarten program at Pershing School in Berwyn has made it a priority to pick this field trip. It is an easy process to coordinate schedules and extremely affordable. The field trip coordinator makes each experience unique and developmentally appropriate. The pure excitement and wonder on our students’ faces as we roam through the fields is nothing short of amazing. Pick. at Garden Patch Farms allows these students to get their hands dirty and really get a taste for nature. It is truly a trip back to the good old days of childhood! With backgrounds in education, Tony and Lexi have designed curriculum aligned with both the Common Core State Standards and Illinois Next Generation Science Standards. What a rare gift this is for teachers!

It has truly been a joy to partner with the Ndoca/Miller family of Pick. at Garden Patch Farms! Join us as we close out the season for a special edition of Buddha Belly Picks the Farm on Monday, October 12th from 10:00-11:00 AM (Columbus Day).


Erin and Meg