Glowing with Gratitude

Here in the United States, we are winding down our Thanksgiving holiday. We say “here in the U.S.” because we are blessed to reach fellow yogis and readers across the globe. Although it’s technically only one day, an American Thanksgiving tends to spread across the week with school breaks, travel, and holiday festivities. Sometimes, November even turns into an outpouring of gratitude as the growing fad of Friendsgiving celebrations pop up throughout the month. In some ways, Thanksgiving serves as the kick-off to all December holidays; a starting line to the traditions that come with the colder weather.

Although we love the recipe that is the Thanksgiving holiday, giving thanks is not something we should cook up only once a year. Breathing an attitude of gratitude “turns what we have into enough.” At a recent meditation workshop hosted by Zen Yoga GarageYogi Danny B. reminded us of the “pause between stimulus and reaction.” This pause allows us to be truly present. To us, this pause is gratitude. May we strive to pause in each and every moment a breath of gratitude; in all that we are and all that we do.

Rainbow Kids Yoga, a magical movement that has infused into our being, is the very first source of light for BBKY. To Gopala and Amanda, thank you for creating the Level II Teaching and Business Mentorship. May you truly understand the impact you have on this world…on our world. We are forever anchored into the RKY tribe and for that we glow with gratitude. BBKY shines in new ways because of the love, support, and guidance of our beautifully talented mentor, Vanessa Pouliot. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We know what you’re thinking…why are you bringing up the Oilers?! We’re Chicago Blackhawks fans people! Believe us, Edmonton has much more to offer  Vanessa, owner of Glow Yoga Kids, is an incredibly kind, perfectly positive, and impressively insightful human. She is a gentle, yet fierce force. She is inspiring and uplifting. Each month, we get to spend two (uh ok maybe more) hours face-to-face (thanks modern technology) with this lovely person that truly glows good! When Jamie Gepner of little om BIG OM (I know, I know…we talk about her a lot) guided us in our discernment process to begin RKY Level II, she couldn’t stop raving about how “seriously amazing” Vanessa is, how she is “eloquent and helpful,” and how “her business is exploding!” Oh boy was Jamie more than right! Vanessa is all of these things and more. Most importantly, she is the perfect fit to our dynamic duo and budding business. Our meetings are full of laughter and joy. Vanessa drives us to conceptualize our dreams, reflect on our practice, and simply believe in what we can offer this world. To Vanessa, thank you for cultivating a space to fuel BBKY into it’s own force. May we emulate your passion, dedication, and spirit. We are forever connected and for that we glow with gratitude. To all BBKY beings that we have encountered over the last year, thank you for allowing us to exist. May you know the importance of your continued support. We are forever changed and for that we glow with gratitude.


Erin and Meg