Think About It... There Must Be a Higher Love

Precisely one year ago today we closed our eyes, trusted our hearts, and began walking down the most magical path. Literally and figuratively. James Vincent McMarrow’s angelic version of Higher Love led us through this “Angel Walk” as we felt the support and presence of our new soul sisters, and ended with a giant squeeze from our fearless leader. With this embrace, Amanda McFayden congratulated us on graduating from the three-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. And just like that, we were Certified Children’s Yoga Teachers. Yes, Higher Love is obviously playing on repeat while this buddha is blogging.

Our three-day training was merely the first leap of faith in the incredible journey that has been Buddha Belly Kids Yoga. We are women who feel…who feel strongly, might we add. We are women who connect…and connect with authenticity. We are women who believe…believe we have something to offer this crazy thing called life. Feel, connect, believe. A perfect description of our experience with RKY. The best thing we could have done one year ago was meld into this tribe of gorgeous souls. Gopala and Angel Yaffa, owners of RKY are truly otherworldly. This couple’s spirit and energy pervades every person and place that they have stamped. If you haven’t seen what this dynamic duo has accomplished, google them. Seriously. #lifegoals

BBKY is here because of these ingenious beings and we are definitely better together! As we have sunk deeper and deeper into this tribe, we have truly benefited from the holistic approach of Rainbow Yoga. Our lives are richer and therefore the children we encounter will be forever changed. Gopala puts it best: “I believe many children are misunderstood by grownups because grownups have forgotten how it was to be a child. And often grownups are misunderstood by their own kind because they fail to remember that they are just big kids and they need to play too.” Ahhh YES! Isn’t that why we are here anyways? To provide a space for children to marvel at all things enchanting. To feel, connect, and believe. When we provide this space for children, the magic so naturally unfolds. When we connect with our inner-child, it conjures up what we believe is innately human. Yoga transcends and it is through our practice that we can better this world.

Being otherworldly, Gopala and Angel attract like-minded people who mirror this magnetic energy into their tribe as senior trainers and mentors. We only know the power of Gopala and Angel from soaking in the physical presence of such people. No, we have not yet met the RKY founders. We say the word “yet” with gumption! In the meantime, we are forever thankful that they placed Amanda, founder of BlissKids A Children’s Yoga and Music Company, into our lives last December. If you gathered anything from the description of our graduation ceremony, you may infer that Amanda is also wonder-ful. She’s basically a fairy! She is creative, energetic, and kind. Truly kind! Amanda brought bliss to our weekend, embodying all that a yoga class for kids needs. Frankly, most adults could benefit from this type of yoga class. We were drawn to Amanda for many reasons, but what sticks out most is her true understanding of child development. As educators at our core, this matters. It matters more than one might think. It matters more than one might see (but that’s for another blog). Knowing that there are Amandas in this world reassures us that something is going right. Amanda gave birth to the most fitting mentorship program for us, right around the time she brought her sweet Noelle into this world. Inspiring on so many accounts, we relish in the opportunity to learn and grow from this mama! Thank you, Amanda, for bringing us a higher love…without it life is wasted time.


Erin and Meg