Welcome to Buddha Belly Kids Yoga! We are thrilled you have become part of our yoga journey. Buddha Belly Kids Yoga was born only a few short months ago after being completely enamored by our training experience through Rainbow Kids Yoga (RKY). Two years ago, the universe brought us to Zen Yoga Garage  (ZYG) to begin our yoga practice. This community empowered and rejuvenated us in ways we never thought possible! Our physical and mental strength, confidence, and mind/body awareness simply skyrocketed. At Buddha Belly, we believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. Just about the time our own yoga practice began to take shape, we felt a strong desire to see how we could incorporate yoga with our passion for children and education. Within days of this discussion, a flyer was posted at ZYG for the Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training. In a matter of minutes, we signed up and embarked on this new journey with open hearts. As educators, we truly believe we have something unique to offer! In a world saturated with yoga for kids and adults, we are ecstatic to find our niche and bring a breathe of fresh air.


Meg and Erin