"Capturing the Beats Between the Noise"

“Before spending a few hours with BBKY, I had not given much thought to yoga + kids at all. In fact, I’d say they didn’t exist in the same brain space for me. Now, I can’t separate them. Yoga is inherently a child-friendly activity and the kids love it! Yoga doesn’t have to be an inaccessible Eastern practice — for these BBKY kids it’s about learning to love themselves and their bodies, gaining confidence, and being a little silly.”

Kylie Larson, you couldn’t have said it better! Just as we love watching kiddos find the magic of yoga, it is equally as fulfilling to see adults understand the power of what we are doing on our mats. As our yoga journey unfolds, we are grateful for all the cheerleaders along the way. One such supporter is the insanely talented Kylie Larson of Kylie Larson Photography. Her recent path of becoming a small business owner has strangely paralleled ours, and we are excited to be sharing the road. We admire her perseverance, leap of faith, and passion for pursuing her dreams. There was a strong pull in both our directions to have her photograph some yoga sessions. We are thrilled that she jumped at the invitation! Kylie truly does have an eye for “capturing the beats between the noise.” Joy simply pervades her images. Her shots from summer camp help to tell the story of our beginning. Through these images, our Busy Buddhas exude confidence and calm, strength and serenity. How lucky we were to have Ms. Kylie travel all the way to Pick. Garden Patch Farms to capture the beauty of family yoga. Perhaps this concept seems foreign to some, but it is an innately human experience. The family bond brightens with each movement and allows for true connection. In a world inundated with distraction from every angle it’s precisely what we need; to reconnect with the ones we love. Kylie’s farm photos encapsulated the allure of this experience. We are forever grateful and humbled by your work. Thank you for featuring our sweet ones on your blog!


Erin and Meg