'Twas the Night Before School

As the summer begins to unwind and the school year begins to unfold, there is a mixture of emotions in the air. Being educators at heart, this time of the year is always a little bitter-sweet. The thought of new students, new schedules, and new routines is both exhilarating and exhausting. We long for summer freedom and yet crave a sense of order. Crisp, new planners go from empty to full in a matter of minutes as we busily write down to-do lists, lesson plans, meeting times, deadlines, goals, dreams, etc. We envision how our new little beings will capture our hearts and fill us with that sense of purpose that only a true teacher can understand. Between the two of us, we have been in this scenario 13 times. Although we are clearly veterans of the night before school, this year brings a new sense of purpose and peace. For this year we are not only school teachers, but yoga teachers and business owners. Wow! Did we just say that out-loud? We’re doing it! Along with the myriad of ways we multi-task our school lives, we will be adding this new adventure of joy! Here at BBKY, we are Falling into Yoga as we announce our first set of six-week sessions. Legacy Sports Camp’s Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is ready for participants from preschool through eighth grade. We are beyond grateful that our journey continues and look forward to one good year! You can register here or visit our events page for more information.


Erin and Meg