Day 1 of 31: 30,000 Feet

Last night I carved out a couple hours to sit down and catch up on composing some lesson plans for Buddha Belly, as well as finish up earning some badges for the Apple Certified Teacher program for our school district. As you know, we are teachers by day and business owners by night! (The lines are obviously way more blurred than that). Anyways, yesterday was an institute day because there was an election in Berwyn, so our staff met as we usually do at the middle school for a morning of professional development break-out sessions. Ironically (or not so ironically if you know Meg and me), we happened to follow each other to the same three sessions. The final session being called “Blogging & Slice of Life.”

Correct. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve posted! Blogging has been on our “to-do” list for an embarrassing amount of months. Just last week we pondered blogging again and making it a priority in the month of March. Why March? Why now? Why didn’t we just keep blogging last year when we were already on a roll? Well, we could sit here and justify an answer or we could just get to blogging. I went to the Blogging PD with the intention of updating our blog because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you own a business, right?!

Supposed to…shaking my head. That’s the exact opposite reason why one should blog. Enter…Slice of Life. What a brilliant concept! Writing is something both Meg and I crave; like the water in our 15 ounce water bottles. We both find joy in putting pen to paper (albeit text to print these days).

So, while I re-focused my intentions last night and turned on “Your Daily Mix 1” on Spotify, the most perfect foreign (yet familiar) song began to play. The universe has a funny way of speaking to us, don’t you think?!


Sometimes we can get lost living in the here and now

Sometimes it takes the sky to see what’s on the ground

I’ve been better, I’ve been worse…

Seen a couple places that I never thought I’d see
I’ve walked into harder times, and I’ve walked out the other side
It seems like you end up getting what you need
Yeah, looking down from 30,000 feet, life’s been good to me.

-Ben Rector (30,000 Feet)



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