Day 6 of 31: A Good Day

Today was a good day.

Yes, that was simple. I often think that every time I write I need to say something profound. In reality though, not every moment is profound. Not every moment is wow. Not every moment sparkles. Some days are boring. Some days are mundane. Some days are just normal (whatever that means).

Today was a different day.

Hmm, a little more descriptive of an adjective. We did not have school today, so my routine of waking up at 5:30 AM was altered. Instead, I allowed the pounding of hammers and screeching of trucks next door wake me up.

Today was a productive day.

Alright, sounding a little more exciting. We met with a potential new partner to provide yoga in schools, toured this dreamy little space, and felt inspired by the surroundings. We sipped coffee at Starbucks during the weekday, laid out our new custom Erin Condren Life Planner, and puzzle-pieced our summer schedule together. We proceeded to knock out multiple proposals and even prep for another business meeting tomorrow.

Today was an energizing day.

YES! I feel more profound as I type. Meg and I are the perfect balance of similarities and differences. We have this uncanny ability to always be on the same page and yet come with a fresh perspective. We energize each other and pick each other up when we need it. Despite any differences, we both come to the table with the same vision for Buddha Belly and respect each other’s place in our partnership.

Today was a good day.

Maybe every moment has the ability to be profound and mundane all at the same time. Maybe it’s not the moment, but our perspective on the moment that counts. Maybe, just maybe, good can be enough.