Day 2 of 31: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

When I was prepping for today’s Big Buddha’s class at The Yoga Centre, I came across an article from one of our favorite sites. Elephant Journal is a guide to the mindful life discussing everything from yoga and spirituality to the arts and love. The founder and writers are “dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society.” Yes, a bit hippy-dippy perhaps, but always such interesting perspectives and usually exactly what you need to hear in the moment. Just like a yoga class. Yoga truly is exactly what you need to hear in the moment.

This particular article features a seussical-like poem entitled “If Dr. Seuss Had Been a Yogi” read to the rhythm of Green Eggs and Ham. Oh, it’s good! SO. GOOD. As humans, we can all relate to having those moments (or longer) of simply not wanting to do something.  All those “I do not want to” twinkles of time that Sam’s big furry friend exhibits when Sam persistently asks him to try something new. We’re scared, tired, bored, confused, unmotivated to {insert activity here} and we just…DO. NOT. WANT. TO.

It is in these slices of life when we choose to do the “I do not want to’s” that usually have the most impact. Actually trying {insert activity here} brings a new wave of energy, a new perspective, a new love, a new friend, a new interest. Every once in a while, a ‘Sam I Am’ shows up and his persistence can change the course, or at least alter our taste in eggs. May we be open to this invitation; find our own version of ‘Sam I Am’ or be him for others.

Thank you, Dr. Seuss! (Cat in the) Hat’s Off to You!

“Okay! Since you refuse to quit,
I guess I can practice… a little bit.
I will unroll my mat and see
What a little asana does for me…

Say! Breathing does help me relax!
I’ll just do a few more minutes, max.
These forward bends feel pretty good
They release my back, so I guess they should.”

If Dr. Seuss Had Been a Yogi (Elephant Journal)