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“I approached Buddha Belly Kids Yoga to facilitate a series of yoga sessions for children on our farm. As an educational farm, we find great importance in educating children as well as providing a fun and healthy environment for families. Buddha Belly Kids Yoga helped by scheduling, advertising, and executing an incredibly successful and educational series of children’s yoga. From the time we met, the co-owners presented my team with some great curriculum in their sessions. In their first session, the children learned all about the life cycle of the butterfly and were taught some yoga exercises as they were integrated into the butterfly lesson. Each lesson was well-planned and perfectly executed. The Buddha Belly Kids Yoga team was always prepared and brought with them a great attitude and ambition to instruct the children. As a business owner, we were looking for a team to conduct such professionalism and manage the sessions on their own without our assistance. Erin and Meg took each task into their own hands and allowed me to focus on my own business and still allow a pleasant experience for the children and their families. I would recommend Buddha Belly Kids Yoga to everyone.”
-Tony Ndoca, Owner of Pick at Garden Patch Farms

“Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is top notch on all fronts. They are professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in working with children, teaching yoga, and managing their business. Their classes are fun, upbeat and well-structured with a variety of skills practiced in each session. It is rare to find such a team with complementary skills in both mind body fitness and elementary education. I highly recommend Buddha Belly Kids Yoga!”
-Diana Shea, Director of The Yoga Centre

“Before spending a few hours with BBKY, I had not given much thought to yoga + kids at all. In fact, I’d say they didn’t exist in the same brain space for me. Now, I can’t separate them. Yoga is inherently a child-friendly activity and the kids love it! Yoga doesn’t have to be an inaccessible Eastern practice — for these BBKY kids it’s about learning to love themselves and their bodies, gaining confidence, and being a little silly.”
-Kylie Larson, Photographer & Web Content Specialist

“My daughter got a yoga mat for her birthday. She was up very early this morning. Thank you for positively influencing my sweet little girl. She really does love it. And what a powerful tool for a six year old to have. Confidence in her body and self.”
–Parent of Legacy Sports Camp BBKY Summer Series