My name is Rachel Buccieri, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of
Buddha Belly Yoga. Yoga has become of the most genuine, impactful realms of my life. It truly
has helped shape me into the person I have become today. Having the ability to take time for
self-care, meditation, and helping others on their own journey has been an honor.
I began my yoga journey ten years ago when my friend asked me to tag along with her
for a hot class. As a former athlete, I had heard of yoga, but had never given it a go. From day
one- I was hooked. It became my absolute favorite hobby, and as the years went on, it became
more of a lifestyle. Practicing yoga for that time, convinced me to take that leap and become
teacher-certified. It has been a decision that has affected me in my classroom teaching as a
middle school teacher and as a person. I teach adult Vinyasa flow, meditation, and kids and
teen yoga. My love for working with children and my passion for yoga has landed me here at
this wonderful place- thanks Buddha Belly!